Sitting Meditation


Foyan (1067-1120)

The light of mind is reflected in stillness
Its substance is empty of relative or absolute
Golden waves abound
Awareness is constant, in action or non-action
Thoughts arise, thoughts vanish
Don’t try to stop them
Let them flow spontaneously
What has ever arisen?
What has ever vanished?
When arising and vanishing quiet down
The great master appears.
Sitting, reclining, walking around
Presence is continuous
When meditating, why not sit?
When sitting, why not meditate?
Only when you have understood this way
Is it called sitting meditation
Who is it that sits?
What is meditation?
To try to place it
Is using Buddha to look for Buddha
Buddha need not be sought
Seeking takes you further away
In sitting do not look at yourself
Meditation is not realized if there’s a crowd
At first the mind is noisy and unruly
There is no choice but to sit and bring it back
Thus there are many methods
For learning quiet observation
When you sit down to gather your spirit
It scatters
After awhile it eventually calms down
Freeing the six senses.
When the six senses rest a bit
Discrimination occurs
With discrimination there is arising and vanishing
This is just the appearance of one’s own mind
When the mind is brought back to the mind
There’s no need to repeat the cycle
You wear a halo of light on your head
The spiritual flames leap and shine
Completely unobstructed
All inclusive, all pervasive
Birth and death forever cease
No one believes, but it is true
You can turn from ordinary mortal to a sage
In an instant
All over the earth confusion reigns
Best be very careful
Sit up straight
One Suchness embodies All
Utterly still, naturally present
One day you’ll bump into it
This I sincerely hope


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